Practice Questions and Answers for the Life in the UK Test – new Kindle title

One of the up sides of having developed our E-learning course for the Life in the UK Test is that we have hundreds of practice questions in the same formats as the official test.  The down side of course is the many hours spent slaving over the official guidance to generate a good quality question set!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve taken those questions to produce a new Kindle Practice Questions and Answers book for the Life in the UK Test.  600 practice questions presented in 25 practice tests.  We’ve also kept the Kindle title simple so that a version of the practice test, complete with correct answers, follows immediately after the practice test itself.  So, if students just want to scan down sets of questions with correct answers, rather than work through the practice tests, this is possible also. Everyone studies differently!

We believe the title is a valuable addition to the revision tools for the Life in the UK Test.

To purchase this new title click here

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