New E-learning course for the Life in the UK Test

Garuda Publications has today launched there new interactive E-learning course to help people pass the Life in the UK Test.

Publisher Andrew Thompson says ‘We saw that there was no professionally produced E-learning to help migrants pass the Life in the UK Test. There are lots of organisations providing practice tests of varying degrees of quality but nothing that I could really call E-learning. In this modern age people want to be able to study online using their PCs, tablets and mobiles. Our course – which combines good visuals, the official study material, interactions and audio – enables them to just that at an affordable price.”

Customers access the course through the Garuda Publications E-learning course portal here. After creating a free account they can purchase the course through a secure payment gateway. The course is offered on a 1 year single user licence. Garuda Publications has a ‘guaranteed pass scheme’

There’s been a lot of interest in the new course. Decent E-learning courses are time consuming to develop. We believe this course will help make the learning experience of those studying to take the Life in the UK Test a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The current price for the course is £19.99

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